Shove it, Contiki.

20 01 2011

This shall be short.

My fingers are calloused from trying to pick up this whole guitar thing. Whugh, no one mentioned that it takes A LONG time to get this down pat. There’s strum patterns, different chords, then learning how to change chords, and do it quickly. And most of all, your left hand fingers get so feels like when you burn your tongue on hot chocolate, but you have five tongues. And they aren’t tongues they are fingers. Anyway.

So, trying to book a trip for myself and Mista B. We have 19-30th of March off. We were planning on going through Contiki Travels. Mainly because I have heard good things about it and it was on Real World Sydney. They worked for the company giving tours and such. It’s for 18-35 year olds. SOooo we put in for leave and had to reschedule it once already. I called them to day to book the trip, and guess what, cancelled again. Well, Contiki! Forget you. I will just find another tour. How can you just cancel two tours in March..?? And they didn’t even have a reason why..After that frustration, I managed to find another tour that will be splendid. Same countries, same dates but through Globus instead. They don’t have a military discount, but it’ll do pig. The tour is called “Imperial Splendors” and we get to travel to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. Talk about a whirlwind adventure. And I get to share it with my man. Last time I traveled in Europe I was solo, and as it was enjoyable traveling by myself, and learning a lot of things, I would rather share it with someone, and be able to have those memories forever. I vow to not take 1600 pictures this time. Just a few good ones. I will try and keep it in the hundreds…I will NOT spend my time hiding behind a camera when I can be enjoying the scenery. I’ve never been to eastern Euro before so I’m super excited!! Pics to come, that’s a promise.

Watching the new Bachelor, first episode. My mums tapes them and sends them out here since middle-eastern television is shit. Nothing comes on live, or new. Yes, episodes of Charmed and MTV Arabia, may quench your thirst, but not for this kid. But I have wayy too many shows to be wasting time with that shit. I think we are all aware I am addicted to reality TV and super-cheesy shows like One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy..come on we all have our guilty pleasures. And these are legal. Let’s get back on topic. I am watching this first episode of the Bachelor, and it’s Brad Womack (Round II). I don’t know how I feel about this makes me feel like ehhhhh?? Maybe someone else should get a chance at love..why do you have to hog up two seasons. It’s selfish really. If you didn’t find love this time, then what makes you think this time round will stick. ABC probably casted him on purpose, for ratings and all. You either love him or hate him… He seems sweet enough, but he’s going to have to prove his commitment and let go a little. I don’t think these girls are fuckin around. They’re out for blood (well, at least the vampire teeth chick is). This episode that she taped for me has audio, but no video for some reason. But I can’t complain really. I’m using my imagination for this one. And let me tell you, it is all over the place. I know what he looks like, but not any of the … to say. So basically I have to base my opinions on personality only. And their hometown stories. I think Emily Maynard is my fave so far. She’s the one whose man died and she was pregnant at the time. She lost the love of her life, but moved on anyway, and raised her daughter. She sounds so genuine and sweet. But women…women women…can change on a dime. Plus, she’s pretty attractive. Even I wouldn’t kick her outa bed.

Does anyone else find those Dyson vacuum cleaner commercials incredibly captivating?? That man is so wise..




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23 01 2011

OTH. Cheesy. Psh.

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