Another list: 10 randoms

17 01 2011

Uno (1): I’m not addicted to shopping (please disregard DISCLAIMER at end of post), but I am a self-diagnosed purse-a-holic.

Kaksi (2): Dried ears are one of my fave snacks. And almonds. Salted of course.

Trois(3): I learned a new word today: autodidact. A person who has taught himself.

Vier(4): I hate touching stirofoam. And cotton balls. Hate hate.

Pese(5): I paid $200 to learn how to ride a motorcycle in 2 days. Def worth it.

VI(6): If I could meet one person in this world dead or alive it would be Marilyn Monroe. She made being a hussie look glamorous. Either her or Mata Hari. She manipulated thousands.

Pito(7): I like musicals (I know, I was surprised too). Glee, Sound of Music, Chicago, Mama Mia!

I’m tired of googling numbers now (8): If you are my facebook friend, I am actively stalking you.

(9): I would like to settle down in the midwest. Preferably Denver.

(10): I want to own my own business some day

DISCLAIMER:…I may or may not have been sidetracked during this blog. Damn you and your 60% off sales!! Who can pass up 3 sweaters for $49 with free shipping? AE, I will never turn my back on you., you better get your yuppy ass in gear and ship to FPO addresses, damn commies.




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