The black slab

14 01 2011

I’m not talkin no Marble Slab Creamery up in here.

Watching Chronicles of Narnia. The first one, where the lion, Azlan, dies on the black slab. He gets stabbed by the “Queen”, the lady who thinks she’s Queen. She’s terribly mistaken because the good guys always win in kids movies. Duh. Anywho, nonetheless super sad. The girls are crying all over him. I guess he offered his life to save one of the boys who was a traitor but forgiven by the good peeps. He is a brother of the boy who’s supposed to be king you know. Naturally, they must take him back. After Azlan dies, they go into battle. But the good news is that we have cheetahs, badgers in armor, and unicorns on our side. If I was going into battle, hell yes I would need a unicorn to drive me into the front lines.

I don’t know how kids watch these movies. It’s just miserable. If I remember correctly, he does come back to life. But you’ve gotta wonder with children’s movies these days. How do kids handle it? You seen the movie “Up”? In the first ten mins you follow this cute little couple. They meet as kids and then grow up together, grow old together, and it is so romantic and sweet. Then BAM!! Wife dies. So freaking sad. It is a good movie if you can get past that, but it sure tugs at your heart strings.

I don’t know why but it’s really hard for me to type “beautiful” really fast. I am a pretty fast typer (toots own horn) thanks to multiple computer classes, facebook, emailing, and morse code, but for some reason that word is impossible to type quickly. My fingers just don’t want to get there.




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