Spring Cleaning

14 01 2011

Doing a little spring cleaning today.

Dishes? check

Cleaning the cupboards? check

Pile of stuff to donate to women’s shelter tomorrow? check

Organizing Mista B’s ‘man room’ (don’t worry, no deer heads on the wall here..he gets to dust those when the time comes). check

Laundry? In progress (I save all my laundry-doing until the very last minute. Seems like a waste of an off-day. No my undies are not inside out. I don’t wait THAT long. But I will tell you it has come to that. Well, commando at least. What? Don’t even tell me you haven’t done it.

Finding a home video tape of deployment to Japan 2006? CHECK CHECK. Hah, nearly forgot about this ancient video camera. Seems like if the vid cams are bigger than a credit card the devices can appear to be a bit Mesozoic. It’s a Sony Handicam circa 2005. It was top-o-the line for the day. Also on the same tape is some home vids of a trip home I took, some college parties and such. Now everyone I know and grew up with have long-since graduated..Some tape from when my friends came to visit me in Hawaii in 2008. Wow, is that 3 yrs ago already? My how time flies. Now, how do I get these gems uploaded to my computer. Who knows if they even make connectors for these…

I have some candles burning, and the door open to get some circulation. That’s what I like to do on my off days. It’s actually cold here. About 60 degrees. Winter in Bahrain has been quite kind to us this year. Last year I swear it didn’t get below 70 degrees. Mid-house-cleaning I am inspired to put some words up here, so I just plopped down on the couch, and what do I hear? A loud ass motorcycle. My heart…beating…thumpity thump thumpity-ing. Man I miss my girl. Ninja ZX-6. By the time I see her I’ll need to learn how to ride all over again. She’s midnight purple, sleek n sexy, her name is Prescilla. Surprisingly enough I got her off of a guy in Hawaii. She’s in my sister’s garage just waiting all lonely and basically in a coma. I doubt after a year of no lovin she’ll even start. I’m coming for you darling, don’t you worry.




2 responses

14 01 2011
Shahzad Saghir

You might need to check the carbs on the bike too. If someone can start it up from time to time it should run just fine.

14 01 2011

yeah it’s already been 6 months….there’s no way it’s starting. I don’t trust anyone to jump it.

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