Bahrain: The other other frozen tundra.

11 01 2011

61 degrees out the other night. I think today probably made the record book for low-temps. The temp along with the crazy wind has made a pretty good argument for the existence of  “winter” in Bahrain. You would never assume it got under 80 degrees here if you arrived in June/July/Aug/Sept. HOT as shit. Upwards to 140 PLUS 90 degrees humidity. It’s just stupid hot at that point. You get pit stains walking from the commissary to your car a few yards away. It’s just not normal, and frankly not good for the human soul. Unless you are middle-eastern. They are used to this. That and the fact they wear thobes and abayas all year round which is basically sheet-like material draped on your body. The men wear only boxers/underoos under them,  but the women wear full-blown outfits under that get-up. So imagine wearing shoes, jeans, a top, and then another piece of clothing to cover the entire thing, including your feet, your face, your eyes. Yipes! I don’t know how they do it. Now, after nearly two years here, I have began to climatize to the habitat we speak of, however, I do not think my body and soul could ever EVER forget about the offensively high temps here. Or get used to the clothing restrictions. I haven’t worn shorts in I don’t know how long, well probably since I was home in June. Or a skirt, or a shirt without sleeves. If we wear a shirt, the sleeves have to be at least 3″ long. I cannnot WAIT to get to America and wear normal clothes. They look at us like whores here anyway, no matter what we wear. It’s hard not to look like an American. White girl, blonde eyes..wearing a Billabong shirt and American Eagle jeans. I guess I”m not helping the cause any…

Well, it’s cold for now, and I like it.




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