Honey, can we be outlaws?

10 01 2011

Once upon a time, I was sitting watching “Sons of Anarchy” with my boy, and after a heated scene of a bar shoot up where the SOAs barely escape death, nearly loose a mobster friend due to a gunshot wound in the groin, and a flash scene where Jax is burying a man he shot in the face because he was trying to rape and murder Jax’s love interest, Mista B turns to me and says, “Honey, can we be outlaws?” (insert cute-boy grin and twinkly baby-blue impossible-to-say-no-to eyes here). This gave me the giggles, and then I started daydreaming about actually being an outlaw/biker ganger. The daydream was short-lived when I realized not only did I lack the required level of weapons skills, I do not have any hand-to-hand combat experience, biker gang affiliation, weapons smuggling knowledge, nor do I know any drug lords. So perhaps this may be the wrong road for me to go down. Not to mention my current clearance being under investigation. Running from the law, murder, and smuggling may not be in my future. Plus, who want’s to be looking over their shoulder at all times during the night? They do make it look so glamorous on TV though. They show all the fun shit, shoot-ups, running from cops and getting away ever time, bribing people, controlling other gangs, running a town like you are the law. I mean it has its ups, but I could never get past the whole I-could-die-at-any-moment aspect. So, for now, I will promise him I will definitely consider said lifestyle for my next go-around.

Got a package in the mail from my sister today. Overflowing with gushers, fruit snacks, and fruit rollups. Oh, and about 73 magazines. (thankfully for her changepurse flat rate boxes still exist) It is 11 at night and I’ve had 3 packs of gushers and 3 fruit rollups. Oh, and a soda to wash them all down. So much for that New Years Reso eh? Ugh, well I don’t feel sick like I probably should after a pound of sugar. Thankfully I was raised as a farm child with sugar as a food group (pretty sure it was right next to grains), so am lead to believe I have been rightfully conditioned. Like an athlete really.




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