Hot Wings

7 01 2011

So every year on my birthday growing up I would request this meal:

Hot Wings and won tons (crab rangoon minus the crab).

So, for our b-days we got to pick our meal-of-choice. I’m sure when I was ten and under it was hot dogs and cheese…..the uneducated child is an easy-to-please child. Well, at least when I was old enough to know what was good for me and my taste buds had matured this was what I wanted.

Now this recipe that follows calls for oyster sauce. Don’t be shy with it, and don’t be squeemish about the source of this sauce. Oysters are gross and I think most of you can agree with me on this one. But the taste that the sauce brings to the table cannot be achieved with any other cooking substance. Trust me on this one. Put your lives in my hands. Recipe has been finely honed by my step-dad and it is AMAZING. Alright, the ingredients are below:

1 bottle oyster sauce

3/4 c water

3 tbsp br. sugar

1 tbsp worcestershire (for the life of me i cannot spell this word…thank god for spellcheck)

bag of chicken wings/legs (can be frozen, thawed, or fresh)

Louisiana hot sauce (the brand of hot sauce is NOT UP FOR DEBATE. This is final. If you dare to use TX Pete or some shit, this recipe will go terribly awry)

Okay, mix the worch, br sugar, water, and oyster sauce (after emptying the bottle, fill with warm water twice and pour into mixture) together and bring to a boil. As to melt the sugar.

Prep the 13 x 9 ” glass dish with tin foil and spray generously with Pam (this makes the stuff not stick to the dish so much). Place ONE layer of wings/legs in the dish and cover with sauce, then cover with tin foil (Pam’d again). Now, place in the oven for 1.5 hrs on 350 degrees. Uncover and continue cooking for one more hour. In the last 15 mins, sprinkle with Louisiana hot sauce. Serve with won tons!! Recipe to come..

Tah Daaahhhhht!!!




2 responses

14 01 2011

so u forgot to put the temp you cook them at smart guy!!! but it’s not like i would eat these anyways because they prolly suck lol. I have a way better recipe i have spent years developing ( being a wing conesure myself). unfortunatly i will not share this with you unless you bow to me and admit i am the wing God! which fits perfectly cause ur gonna have to use a little faith to believe me without trying them.. I have also found that the most enjoyable part of wings is the crispy outside, which can only be achieved by the classic deep fry, or a serious grill if ya can put ur pride away for a sec, just ask..maybe i’ll tell ya 😉

14 01 2011

I guess I assumed the reader would be intuitive enough to guess the temp =) These get crispy I sweah! Email me the recipe, I wanna try. There HAS to be hot sauce involved and a lot of it if you want me on that bandwagon!

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