WTF Weds Ed. 001 “Art in the Y2K + 10”

6 01 2011

(so it’s thurs in Bahrain, but barely thursday in the US. so this will be my Wednesday post!)

Okay, I am certainly going to Hell for this one. So hold onto your britches and buckle in.

So, there I was taking a perustroll (perusing and strolling) through the Souq and there is an art display by 1st-5th graders. A table set up with some paper mache (sp?) constructions and a wall behind it plastered with paintings/musings of young bloods. Now, the title of this eloquent display is “Four Things About Me”. The first fixture I set my eyes on is a paper mache of a piece of bacon and eggs. WTF. What does this say about you?? What does this say about a 4th grader. Excuse me 4th grader, I think you can get a liiiiittle more creative than this.. Ms. Onka and Mr Brusewitz would be disappointed. I know at least at my school we were encouraged to be a little more creative than this. Anyway, I’ll get a pic of it today, you gotta see this!

On an unrelated sidenote (I’m really good at staying on topic, can you tell?) my man, Mista B, is going to the same place that I am for orders. In all the orders in the world…we got the same. That’s another WTF for you. I believe in fate and I believe in karma and I think there is a future for us whether we know it yet or not. We were in HI at the same time, now here, and yesterday he found out his orders are to the same ship I’m going to. Okay, so don’t tell anyone though we’ll have to keep it under wraps since we’ll be in the same Department. Conflict of interest..fraternization…w/e they call it… Now Shh.




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