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4 01 2011

So, in effort to stick with my “eating healthier” phase, I looked up a recipe for chicken on Trying to find the link, but I haven’t  quite mastered the site. I know how to type in chicken, that’s about as far as I got. I’ll try to remember off the top of my head. SO. This is what I remember of the ingredients

rice & parsley

cream of chicken (I accidentally bought chicken broth which made everything that much more exciting…)

2 chicken breasts halved



You rub the sage on the chicken and put in a greased frying pan. Cook on med heat for about 20 mins. They should be 165 degrees when they are done.

Meanwhile, when you have 4 cups of rice cooked (about one cup uncooked) whether it be microwave, stovetop, rice cooker. I find the micro is the easiest and least messy. Once that is cooked, mix with a bit of parsley to give it some taste. White rice is all to plain. Unless you are adding soy sauce, but I believe that would take the “health” right out of this recipe.

When the chicken is cooked, set aside and keep warm. Put 2 cloves of garlic, minced in the frying pan and cook till brown. Add one can of cream of chicken and cook till warm.

Now for the presentation. They say it is everything you know. Place a bed of rice down. Then put the chicken on top and smother with the cream of chicken mixture. Then, EAT! (results may vary but mine are below)

Okay, now I’ll tell you this recipe was very simple..of course I’m a disaster in the kitchen and I didn’t exactly put the plate above together myself, but it was okay tasting. I was surprised it didn’t burn anything or drop anything on the floor… (just one spoon in the chicken pan- hardly counts) It’s a good “healthy” recipe, but personally I would have preferred breaded chicken, and more salt, pepper and garlic n spices. Plus, butter in there somewhere. Butter makes everything more tasty.

A pork chop recipe is next on my list. We can’t get fresh USD meats here, so they are frozen from the commissary, but they’ll have to do pig. (no pun intended). The man’s not a big fan of pork but I think I can come up with something to smother the swine in so it’s not so pork-y tasting.

Watching season III of Big Love. This show is great. If you can get past the whole multiplying wives thing. Some people are touchy about mormans having several wives. Personally I think it makes for good television.

Have I mentioned there is a chocolate shop here that is to-die-for?? Went there a few weeks back. Well, nearly a month now, but anyhow, I wish my sister could come out here and see it for herself. It’s like a real life chocolate shop where all they deal with is pleasing customers by way of every chocolate imaginable in every shape and form of chocolate imaginable. Some are mixed with coffee that I don’t personally prefer. The joint is called “Maya La Chocolaterie”. There are two large pots of white and dark chocolate that they make on station and they are pumped in two large pipes to the kitchen where they do their magic, Exibit A: (above and to the right) . We ordered a dark chocolate drink, hold the milk, and the man got some belgian waffles. Mmmm they were tasty! However, the choco drink was wayyyyyyyy rich. I think next time we’ll get regular chocolate, add milk, and something to go with it that is not-so-sweet. Turns out you can OD on chocolate. Look out sister! I didn’t even get through half of my cup before getting a headache! Perhaps I should have pregamed with lots of water..

It’s best that you don’t go back to the beginning of the post and read my first sentence..




One response

4 01 2011

so the choc looks amazing and a half! dang my diet started today 😦 bah humbug.
by the way, i do love reading your blog 🙂 thank you for sharing!

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