1 01 2011

Greetings 2011. It’s nice to see you. This means I am officially 123 days from getting back to the U S of A. Seems so close but so far at the same time.

Guess what I did for New Years. Well, no, I didn’t party like a rock star, but I certainly ate like a rock star =). Dinner party with some of our friends and a lil Wii. Well, observing Wii that is. I have realized it is wayyy more entertaining to watch the players than to actually partake. Though, it is a good workout. Funny how you can work up a sweat playing ping pong on a vid game. It’s possible, and Nintendo has proven this. Afterwards, off to bed with a little Inception on the ol boob tube. I made it through about 20 minutes… =) So maybe I missed New Years….well the clock rolling over anyway. But, alas, here we are in 2011 safe and sound. Plus, I’m not hungover so that’s the good news.

I just googled “2011” and a bunch of vehicles came up, this pic below, and a pic of two pistols with camo grips. Random. New design for 2011?? I donno.I just had a discussion with a workmate and he was talking about how he’s completed 4  classes towards his Masters already since he’s been here. And to be honest, I haven’t really done much in the Masters realm of things. I took some aeronautics classes @ Embry Riddle when I was trying to go flight officer (turns out having a 30% curvature in your spine is disqualifying..who knew). And some Spanish classes, but those will come in handy whatever my degree is, I’ll be in San Diego and that shit’ll come into play fo sho. SO, as of this year, it’s time to get f’n serious and crack down on the ol education thing. I’m going to start classes at American Military University…yes, another college. I think I have four on the list now but I guess there’s no penalty in the number of universities you go through to accomplish your goals, right? It’s just a pain in the A when you have to fax your transcripts in. My Masters will be in Intelligence Studies. It’s 12 classes,  8 week semesters. Accelerated is the way to go, which I learned when I was going through my BA program. Hopefully I can get at least two courses done before I leave this joint.

Now, as for a little New Years Resolutioning. Eating healthier/less sweets (of course, isn’t this everyone’s NY reso?), more exercise, and more going with the flo of things. I get worked up sometimes when shit doesn’t go my way. But guess what? The world doesn’t come to a crashing hault if things aren’t done just right. You can only control so many things in your life, and why worry about those you can’t?

So, for the eating better thing. These are the snacks that are awesome and relatively good for you: Raisins (i wish they weren’t so dang sticky!), almonds (yummm! but be careful, easy to eat a lot of them), 100 calorie pack Lorna Doones (these are deeeelish and gives you a good sugar fix), baby carrots, and bananas (super good for you especially right after the gym). Lots of other good stuff, but I’m super picky..

One thing about NY resolutions, you have to make them attainable. So saying you will never cuss again in your life, that’s not so realistic is it? So maybe making a cuss jar that you have to put money into when you cuss would be better. Or saying you’ll go to the gym every day of the week. That may last for a month or so, but you will miss a day here, a day there, and slowly get discouraged and then you’re right back where you started from.

SO, welcome 2011! I’m excited for what this year holds. Much traveling and learning is ahead of me, but I’m ready!




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