31 12 2010

So Ebay is pretty awesome. OH, and I’ve decided to move WTF Friday to Wednesday, it’s just more pleasing to the ear. WTF Wednesday. Say it……see, told you it sounds better. I need another title for Friday. Finger pickin Friday? Frisky Friday? I dunno, jury’s out. (I have offered a hybrid for today’s posting title if you are feeling sad about waiting till Weds for  WTF entry. You’re welcome.)

Back to Ebay…Whilst perusing items to spend my $50 gift certificate on, I have been inspired to put my own shit on there. I have an entire clothes hamper full of jeans, and still more packed away in my household goods…soooo I believe it’s about time to move on. I don’t have all of my clothes here in Bahrain, but I do have some that don’t quite fit anymore. You know how women kind of keep clothes (especially jeans) around because “someday they may fit into them”….meh it never happens lets just be honest. So, I set up all my jeans last night, 15 pairs about and I”ll be throwing them on Ebay on my nxt off day. The listing process is pretty simple and streamlined since I started selling in 2002, but it’s still time consuming nonetheless.

I wonder how much money the creator of Ebay has made since it stood up… Some hockeymom that needed to get rid of her kid’s extra soccer balls. And, here we are quarter of a century later and you can find just about anything on ebay.  And if it’s not on Ebay, it’s on Amazon. My second love. That webside is suicide!

I’m watching “Lock Up”  on MSNBC. At this prison in Tennessee, cats have began to wander on base and the perps have adopted them as their own. A vet comes to visit every month or so and they are allowed to by cat food and get them immunizations and such. Random. But in my humble opinion, I don’t think murderers and child molesters should be enjoying any part of a normal life, or even be outside for that matter. At the Federal prison in Hawaii, they aren’t allowed to even see the outside. Closest they get is the exercise room with two small windows.Moving on. To be filed under inappropriate work conversations:

Not-So-Attractive-Boss: “You can come in a few hours late tomorrow since it’s New Years”

Me: “Awesome, I’m gonna get waaaaasted!” (sarcasm implied)

NSAB: “Alright, just let me know when you’re ready for me to come take advantage of you”

Me: silence…..followed by eye darts…..silence….(clears throat) “Alright Sir, have a good night…”




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