28 12 2010

Work In Progress. My Chefery skills that is.

Today, we were in the mood for chili. A bit out of character for me to pull out the food processor (though I guess I do give off the air that I may have some cooking skills since I own said processor) and decided to throw down some chili-crafting skills. This is the recipe from famouschilirecipes.com. It’s a “Superbowl Chili” recipe, so it makes for a group of people if you are having guests (3 lbs of ground beef mind you!) I also love this recipe because you add deer meat! Yum! Weird thing is, there’s no kidney beans…or corn. Might just add those next time. OH, and I doused in some Louisiana hot sauce. (that’s a given in any chili recipe)

Anywho, you basically cook the ground beef up in a pan, take the ground beef out and throw the peppers/onions in to brown them. Then, you put the rest of the ingredients in (tomato sauce, chili powder, salt, pepper) and cook it on med for 90 mins. Suuuuper easy. It’s always better the next day or a next week for that matter, after you let the flavors marinate together.



Haven’t tasted it yet, still on the stove. But I’ll let you know!




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