WTF FRIDAY. Edition 008

24 12 2010

Perhaps I should say WTF CHRIS(tmas)! Doesn’t have the same ring that WTF CHUCK does..but it’ll do pig, it’ll do.

So, have you ever received a gift from someone you’re not really friends with, but it’s an over-the-top gift? Do you accept??

This morning I got a gift that I was NOT expecting, and especially from the individual in question. What do I do?? Accept? It’s rude not to, right? It’s always awkward when a friend, loved one, family goes OVER THE TOP with a gift and then you’re left there in the shadows with a hand-made scrapbook of your summer adventures, stain from the coffee you spilled on the cover and all. So, do you just let them one -up you? Or do you put on your game face for baby Jesus’s birthday? In this case, I barely talk to the it’s extra specially awkward. Kind of like in elementary/middle school where you get that secret admiror heart that the Student Council delivers to kids on Valentine’s Day (VD as we like to call it back home). So you are left there thinking…wtf, is this from a real secret admiror, that boy you’ve had your eye on since you met in 4th grade, you know, the one who transfered in mid-year and was oh-so mysterious. OR, is it from your sister in a grade up, OR is it from one of your friends fucking with you? Who knows.

Talk about a crossroads in life.




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