23 12 2010

Crackers. They have the word CRACK in them for a reason. It’s like you are allowed to have several of them because they are technically good for you… I sat down yesterday with some chicken and dumpling soup. Healthy Choice soup, mind you. This means I get to eat double the CRACKers sonnn. Oh god these things are amazing. They are nowhere near in the category of crackers if you really break it down, and as you can see, they are labeled “chips” ——> I wish they were good for you. But sadly, no.

Soooo apparently CIA has a new entity with the initials. WTF. Wikileaks Task Force. CIA, only you are this awesome.

Heard a quote today. “God doesn’t have grandchildren, you’ve got to have your own.” Spoken by Kathy Ireland on Larry King Live. Apparently she has an empire that has surpassed the billion dollar point. Who knew K-Mart clothing lines were that successful… Anyway lets revisit this God thing. I very much agree with the above. You shouldn’t have to drag your teenagers to Church. When they are old enough to make a choice, let them. Forcing Jesus on someone does not fix or help anything and it certainly doesn’t make your offspring want to be closer with big guns upstairs.

Learned a new word today: demagoguery. Means an official or important person. Yeah, try to use that shit in a sentence.




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