21 12 2010

Selective Obsessive Compulsive. Every family/group of friends needs someone who has OCD. And I wouldn’t really call it a “disorder”, everything has a place so why not put shit where it belongs. I don’t care who you are, when you walk into a clean room and breathe that sigh of comfort and relaxed feeling, that’s thanks to people like me! (Or my housekeepers) Either way, I think we al prefer a straightened room every now and then. I’m not a cleaning freak, obviously, since I can wait three days for my cleaners to come and do the dishes, but I do like blankets to be folded and tables to be clean.

Plus, weird people make life interesting.

Dude, I need to see that show, “What would you do?” Looks intense. Kind of like that show “To Catch a Predator” …..well not really like that show at all, but it WAS the shit and it was reality-ish although I do believe some of it was rather embellished.

I got some new pants, North Face something-ruther. They are I’m-35ish-and-want-to-backpack-Europe-esque. But they are super comfy and grey, so they match anything. Plus, you can roll the legs up and button them to be capris, or zip the legs off to be shorts. Except for when I sit down the butt pockets make a velcro noise. Mayyyybe that’s a sign.

I cannnnnn’t wait to get back to America. I need to look up who’s going to be playing in P-cola, well near P-cola, so I can get to a concert, been wayy too long! Concerts are way fun, they make me feel alive, like you’re a different person for the night, or like you have had a brush with fame — in the 3rd level out kind of way. 7 degrees of separation, right? Some of my friends may be coming by to visit while I’m there. Bedilia, Matti, and Sme*. All completely different girls but I love them all the same. It’s always nice to have friends around. I haven’t seen Sme since 2006, so it would have been five years, whoofta, too long. Bedilia, bad ass chick, she’s a blast to hang out with and we get into some crazy conversations. Margaritas will be involved =). Matti, she reminds me of home, and is so sincere, AND a good cook! Hoping her and her huz can stop by P-cola on their road trip to VA. How awesome is it that I get to be in P-cola for the summer, wonderful. FL does get cold, believe you me. I was there Oct-Jun and it got quite chilly. Too cold for the beach. My second stay there will be quite shorter than 9 months during the first round, but fun all the same. I’m ready to get to my ship.

Tyler Perry made a movie called “For Colored Girls” …hmm what?

I can’t believe xmas is in four days. Crazy shit.

IIIIIIIIII”m gonna go to the mall now. Goodbye.

*All names have been changed in order to protect their anonymity.




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