I hope you didn’t get AIDS in our water…

17 12 2010

So, our fearless leader just CUT HIMSELF trying to snip off the top of our 5 gal water jug. Really? If you can’t handle a leatherman you’re not a real man, let’s face it. He immediately stuck his thumb in his mouth and went running fora band-aid. To which I casually said under my breath “I hope you didn’t get AIDS in our water.” Aaaaaaaaaand he heard me… and said “Don’t worry, I get tested”. “Once a year, Sir? Yep, me too.”

Man, I hate when your supervisor asks “Is everything okay?” I can understand the concern, but unless I’m crying in a corner somewhere with a straight razor, moody, or just in a pissy mood I can’t see why you would randomly ask someone that. I hate it. Go away creeper.

I am generally in a good mood today actually. Spanish II is coming to a close. We had an oral exam last night, and I got an A in the class!! No big whup =)

Eating some dried strawberries. Thank ya Mom! I mayyyyy have just consumed a whole baggie’s worth. My insides are going to be shit later. FB

Hoodie footie?? What is America coming to? I thought snuggies went too far. Those shits are creepy.

The word D-Bag is way worse sounding than dirtbag. I just heard it on a Fox commercial. They’re saying it on news channels now..random.

Sooooo this certain person is dating a hooker…I’m not saying any names here, but it’s just so sad. How do you not KNOW you are dating a hooker?? How? Do I say something, do I make one of his friends say something. If they are a 10 and you are a 2, it should be pretty obvious why they hang around you…

Okay, I’m going to bring my cookies over to the cookie contest now. Buckeyes!! Amazing!! Peanut butter..powdered sugar…chocolate..yummm




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