You got me good this time…got me good

15 12 2010

Man, Snapfish really screwed the pooch on this one. What the hell. I ordered three calendars and five stationary pads. Three of them being recycled paper. (Your welcome mother earth) And apparently you have to pay for each S&H separately……WTF!! What happened to the whole xmas spirit and not effing over your customers. I might just switch over to shutterfly, you better look the F out Snapfish! I am a picture WHORE and I am about to become an unfaithful customer.

I chose the wrong day to wear capris. It’s fucking freezing out. If you read “Green Eggs and Ham”, but insert “cold” in for all of the main words, that’s me. Not sure of the temp this morning but my cankles felt the brunt of said coldness.

Ever thought if you decreased your production at work by 50%, who would notice? If no one does, does that mean you can legitimately complete less work and be less of an asset? If that was so, I would have way more time on my hands to do me stuff. Develop in other areas, if you will. And it would bring my stress levels down significantly. Seriously though. This could be considered a social experiment even. I think it’s legal.

That Reese’s christmas tree was a bad idea. So were those pb and frosting cookies… Damn you St. Christopher and Navy wives!! Baaad idea. Now, where’s my Tums?




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