Stop screaming my name damnit!

13 12 2010

Seriously. Can a woman go into a jewelry store and not buy anything? No, not possible. NOT POSSIBLE. I ventured into a specific jewelry store this evening in search of a gift for mi hermana. What I found was yes, a gift for her..and one for me too. Well, it was just calling my name.. Buuyyyyy meeee I’m so pretttyyyyyy I make your finger look so niiiiiice. =) And plus, it was time for a new ring anyway…..I’ll be the judge of this. That’s the joy of not being married or having kids, you can throw your monies around sometimes and not feel incredibly guilty about it..just kind of guilty.. In the I feel guilty but I have a pretty new ring feeling. I got the sis a white gold ring with four diamonds and an opal on it..Or what I think is an opal. It’s white anyway. It’s supercute and she’ll LOVE it!! (I hope she hasn’t randomly stumbled upon this blog…) Talk about ruining xmas..

My dang nabbit phone ran out of minutes. I’m not sure why military here don’t get regular cell phone services..but it seems that we all just use the prepaid ones. I go through about $66 in minutes a month, so basically like a monthly plan with AT&T..but my phone is shitty and the alarm doesn’t work all the time. However, you don’t get the annoying bills in the mail cause you already paid. So there’s one good thing about that. Anyway, I feel naked without minutes on my phone. What if there’s an emergency?? WTF WTF WTF Our fire alarm is going off. I don’t smell any fire. I must be psychic or something.. I mean, I don’t smell any fire smells… Or see anything burning, I think I”m good. Plus, I’m only on the second floor… (which is really the third floor to these Bahrain dweebs) so I guess if worse comes to worse

I’m going to eat some McDonald’s now. Don’t you judge me.




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