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10 12 2010

Smokers. I am completely fine if you want to pollute your lungs and willingly, knowingly spread cancer throughout the world. That’s your prerogative. IF you do choose to go down that path, please please brush your teeth, carry cologne/perfume on person at all times, and don’t breathe on me in the bathroom when I am already sick. Seriously, do smokers not realize they smell like shit?? This chick smelled as if she had been hot boxing with Marb Reds for the past three days. Better yet, maybe she injected the tobacco, or digested it. Pretty sure her pores were emanating the rich odor of ciggies.

Sheesha? Different story. That smells yummy.

Gonna get some schawarma tonight.

My friends are awesome: Me: “Pretty sure this yoghurt expired. There’s only one way to find out. Eat the whole thing.” Friend: “It’s kind of like that time 1.5 years ago at my in-laws house..we were just enjoying some hot dogs (mine with mustard). Then after I’d been snacking on them throughout the day I check the expiration date on the mustard and it reads some time in 2006. Hmm well it tasted fine to me!”

Gotta go to the muzac store first, and pick up my guitar stand. And go back to the pottery place, my shit’s done.

This morning, driving into base I won the lottery. Sort of. It’s no surprise to me, I’m a pretty lucky gal. I was stopped for a “random” vehicular inspection. Now, from how I understand it they take every 10th car or so. However, I do believe they have been profiling. I have been stopped at least twice in one month. It’s either sexist or they are seriously cracking down here in a very awkwardly intrusive manner.

This is fucking awesome. Is it a problem if I just peed my pants a little?

I just set up my new chia pet. Perhaps I should say I just gave birth to my new chia pet. My fingers smell funny from the gooey seeds I had t place in the grooves of his head.

CBH = FFB             (Corned beef hash = Future food baby)

And, since when did regular choco bars become “King Size”??




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