I would follow you anywhere

9 12 2010

Yep, the snow on this page follows your mouse (if you are reading this post-Jan 4th please disregard).

I’m planning on developing an accent. I feel that anyone with an accent is mysterious and/or exotic. Possibly both at the same time. Now, I don’t mean a southern accent. I already have someone in my work-life who talks like that and it’s annoying as shit. Personally if I don’t like you and you have a southern accent…like REAL real twangy, it’s just dumb. However comma if you are hot, an accent – no matter what the dialect – is hot as hell.

SO, basically in my group of acquaintances, friends, family, what-have-you, I will need to develop an accent that no one has already taken, to make it that much more interesting. “Oh, well I wonder where she’s from??”. Now, this will take much practice of course, but I’m willing to go the yard. Not stomp the yard, just go the distance. Yeah, like the song. CAKE

Perhaps a scottish accent. Brit accent is too easy, and wayyy to predictable. Brainstorming required, I”ll get back to you.

Pretty sure I ate half a pizza last night. Not a good decision on my part.

My pottery man called me, pretty sure he was speaking English, but I couldn’t get much of the words he was conveying. They are out of silver paint as it turns out.

Me:”When are you getting more silver paint?”

Pottery Man: “No one order silver, expensive, no get in”

Me: “I’m willing to wait, how long do you think?”

PM: “My brother, he, no paint silver, no paint”

Me: “So, you’re never getting silver paint?? Ever?”

PM: “No, paint no silver”

(BTW, it took about five tries to actually understand what he was saying, so x5 for every PM line up there)

I decided to go with blue vice silver since they are “never ” getting silver in again.. wtf Bahrain.

Speaking of wtf Bahrain, check this lil number out:


My tattoo itches.




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