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8 12 2010


I think my New Year’s Resolution is going to be to not watch TV for a whole month. I can hear your snickers. Yes, ONE ENTIRE month. Not sure what I’ll rant about on here..

I just ate a half bag of choco covered raisins..Perhaps I shall reconsider my NYR.

I’m sitting at work and feeling positively lazy. Seeing as I’m on wordpress, it’s clear I am not making any headway with today’s RAT. Random Ass Tasking. PLUS, someone has pinkeye here. I don’t want to touch ANYTHING. And my boss has a cold. In Bahrain, in the desert?? How this is possible I do not know. And there’s five extra peeps in the shop who aren’t normally here so my ADD is extra specially active.

Went to the pottery place last night to pick up the goods I had glazed last week.  Apparently it’s that time of year where Shi’as use that strap to beat themselves until they bleed, like in Davinci Code. Ew. There were black flags up as usually and people just loitering and standing around looking at us.. In the middle of the roundabout there was a wooden horse that was on fire with a man on its back and a spear through his heart. WTF Bahrain.

That queso for lunch was a bad idea. Not winning the “I ate good today” contest, that’s for certain.

chocolate raisins + lucky charms+ M&M’s + Excendrin + lactose pill + fiber choice + tums…not working. I feel like ASS.




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