It’s December. Snow, get your ass in gear.

7 12 2010

Watching a new show. It’s called “V”. About aliens and shit. I think it’s a remake of an old tv show. It’s got Juliet from Lost in it, so how bad can it be?? I rented the first disc.

Got a new guitar a couple days ago. She’s a beaut. It’s a washburn and it’s so pretty. New strings, nice and tuned, sounds AMAZING. Like real music. Working on “Our Song” by Taylor Swift, “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, and “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift”.

Beautiful sunset the other night. Who knew the middle east could look so nice. I’ll leave out the part that there were over 20 black flags behind me. Black flags mean it’s a Shi’a neighborhood = AMERICANS GO AWAY. Go far far away. Baaasically a sign that we are not welcome there. That would explain all of the dirty looks and stares. That, or the fact we were the only whities within a ten mile radius.

OH, and started watching “Sons of Anarchy”. Only through the first episode so far, but it has the mom from Married With Children in it, so clearly it’s pretty BA. And it has Angie from Desperate Houswives..she’s basically a crackwhore baby mama of the main character. Who’s pretty hot btw. He’s got some rather scraggly hair, but I guess I can get behind it. = )

Got the xmas tree put up, complete with stockings and gifts surrounding the little greenie. It’s a midget pine. Can’t be havin a largical tree in here. I have a real life one back home, in storage, but just too much of a hassle to go carrying it around the world. The tree looks pretty funny considering it’s desert outside, next to the ocean and summer weather. Just like HI I suppose. Xmas just isn’t the same without the snow and cold weather. Momasita sent me a pic of their new house in IA, it’s snowing back home. December, makes sense = )

Perhaps it makes me a bit homesick to see snow. I’ve had one winter in the last five years. I did miss the cold, but several months of cold is a little much. I’m excited to go visit their place in IA. The midwest is a place like no other. Good people, good eats, plenty to do. I’ll prob retire there someday. No matter where you settle down you can always travel to wherever you’d like. Especially when you’re retired. Plus, it would be nice to be close to family and friends. Except one thing..driving in the snow sucks balls. I’ve almost got in so many accidents driving in the snow/ice.




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