Mahdie Kiiiissmahs!

3 12 2010

Greeting from the gate guard this morning at 0445. (see above) Was not ready for that one.. Bangledeshi ninja guard at gate, you got me good this time!

Speaking of baby Jesus, I missed the Xmas tree lighting ceremony last night. I bet it was spectacular. There are so many decorations all over base. It’s insane. I’ve counted at least 18 Christmas trees.

My friend B is trying to find a baby name, she’s due in Feb and hasn’t an idea of what she’ll name the new babe. Her son’s name s Keoki Albert. (G-pa’s name is George-Keoki is HI for George-, Albert is her dad’s name)… so she’s wanting another Hawaiian boy name that kind of goes with that. HOWEVER the HI alphabet only has 13 it’s pretty slim pickins for another kickass-y name like Keoki. Landon Kai is a name she’s lookin at (Landon is Hawaiian??). Or, Kahana, Kaikane, Kaleo, Kaulana, Ke’Ala. Kahana’s my fave. Kahana Vans. Vans was her nickname before she got married and her last name changed. She says Kahana means turning point. Totally a sign, since they’re going through a divorce and she’ll basically be raising their two kids without him. Long story, but he’s being a pretty huge deushe. 

Woof, yet another reason I may never get married. It’s so complicated. And when there’s kids involved..messy messy. However, my sister and brother have made lasting marriages so far (not to each other. No Kentucky shit going on here). OH and my bro and his wife just had a baby two days ago, James Louis. = ) She’s already up and at some dance recital for my neice. WTF, whatever happened to being bed ridden for a couple days after giving birth?? Supermom much?




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