Stop staring at me peanut M&M’s!

2 12 2010

I might have finished a family size bag of M&M’s in two days…ew can’t be healthy..

That commercial is a little creepy. The one where the M&M is ranting about how he doesn’t want a whole pretzel shoved inside of him. Strange. And the mental image? Not pleasant. Not at all.

So one of my friends has been living three years without a television in his house. His reason? Cheaper bills. lol That is all. He’s no hippie, he’s just cheap. But he says it’s amazing the things you find to do when you don’t have a tv. I feel like I could be very productive without a tv. I could get into the whole reading thing, apparently it’s quite trendy. Get really good at playing guitar, collect baseball cards?? I donno, lots of stuff.

Fuck, a daily walk to the deli just turned into a death march of guilt. They line all these tables up of people wanting your money, your signature, your attention, your time. I remember when they were soliciting for the Navy Ball and it made me feel like a bad person every time I needed to go in the Souq for something. How is that legal?!!? Loud ass patronizers. Don’t look at me!!

“Be bold. If you’re going to make an error, make a doozy, and don’t be afraid to hit the ball.” Billie Jean King




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