28 11 2010

Is it just me or is Madagascar offensively large???

I don’t know when the last time you looked at a map was, but I look at one every day, and I have just recently become aware of how fucking large Madagascar is. Here are some fun facts:

Madagascar is the 4th LARGEST island in the world.

Madagascar gained independence from the French Colonial Empire as recently as 1960.

Malagasy is the local language. Other official languages are French and English. Over 20 million people in the world speak malagasy. The first book to be printed in malagasy was the bible.

Madagascar split from Africa a short 160 million years ago.

Madagascar boasts 12,000 of the world’s plant species. 80% of the plant and animal species can be found nowhere else on earth.

The Vazimba were the first inhabitants of Madagascar. Pygmy migrants from modern day Indonesia.

Population as of 2009: 20,653,556 (wowza!)




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