23 11 2010

Soooooooo I may have overindulged in some muddy buddies. They don’t even need a light dusting of crack, they’re good just on their own. Nom nom nom nom nom. Hm, not related to gift registries.. Got it.

THANK YOU world wide web, or perhaps I should be thanking the folks on Wall Street or CEO’s. Well, whoever created “Wish Lists” at department stores. You no longer need to be having a baby, getting married, or moving to make a gift registry. Brilliant! I definitely have a list at Walmart and Target. = ) You heard me. I know you’re wondering….”What in the hell does she need a list for??” Well, for Xmas, bdays, and for myself. So I can remember what I would like. So when I get back to America I don’t have to search for house items and remember what I have been looking at. Plus, there’s so much shit at walmart, everyone should have a list. It’s like  shopping list, but a list of all the shit you want but are too cheap to buy all at once.

Is it just me or is it annoying when people register for 1000 items. Seriously? could ya just slim it down to about 30 items that you -no shit- NEED in your life? It would cut down about ten mins on my scrolling time.

Dya ever work with someone and just wish you could make them over!?!? Like, have their haircut and styled/colored to your choosing, and shop with them to find clothes that fit and look nice, and are of this century? Now, I may be speaking of a certain someone that could or could not be a member of Dungeons and Dragons (no offense to those peeps who play). But I’ll never tell. Anyway, with a great personality, a great out fit and haircut could do so much for someone!




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