yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

20 11 2010

I shoooooold be sleeping. I understand this. Let me give you a lil peeper into my world

Waking up late and feeling unrested: priceless

Driving to work and almost getting TBONE’d TWICE: priceless

Finding a spider in my locker: priceless

Having to stay after work 3 hrs past my shift: priceless

Stepping on  dead bird in the parking lot: priceless

Getting home after a long fucking day and not being tired at all: ….doesn’t really cost anything or NOT cost anything i suppose.. this one will be uncategorized, let the record reflect

In case the build-up has gotten you super excited, I’ll just tell you now, this story does not get better. Um, I found some candy in my locker today… I’m going to be a terrible story-teller one day. Wait…it may have just happened. (this paragraph won’t turn black for some reason, just as stubborn as I am.)

Oh, and something smells very strange in my car. Could be something dead in there. Well, it’s not that bad of a smell..just something definitely foreign.

My tattoo smells funny.. it’s in the early stages of healing and it’s on my I really can’t cover it with much, or put it anywhere like  cupboard or…..under the couch…AND I can’t put scented lotion on it. Ew. I guess I”ll just breathe through my mouth. Seems to do just the trick when you’re around other shit that smells…

Perhaps I’ve been immaculately concepted. Conceived? I hear they can do some crazy ass shit these days with CGI. I donno doesn’t pregnancy make you smell weird stuff all the time? No way I’m in that kind of mess, plus I’m 89% sure I”m allergic to baby making… at least that has been my plan. Practicing allowed.


The spellcheck on here made at least seventeen words in this post bright red. Guess what, I’m not changin’ a thing, THERE WORDPRESS!!





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