Hellcats, I promise.

17 11 2010

Have you seen previews for “Hellcats”? It looks a little crazy sauce. Aaaaand Ashley Tisdale and her new nose. Like Glee but without singing and R rated… I talk about tv a lot eh? Pretty strange considering we don’t have American channels over here. Anyway, down to business. There is no way in hell this show could be good….however comma, I said the same about Vamp Diaries and Glee, and now here we are.

Whu Whut

And what is the deal with promise rings? I’m looking for something new and shiny on Kay Jewelers. After deciding that my $1400 dollar Tiffany’s piece could have been at least ten diamond rings from Kay’s. Plus, I deserve something new and pretty damnit.  But promise rings, this whole “Love waits” engraved into your ring? I cant’ think of a more distasteful way to broadcast the fact you are a virgin, “Hey, I’m a virgin, I haven’t been deflowered yet, I’m waiting for my Joe-Jonas-clone-of-a-boyfriend to deflower me” ring. Right.




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