HGTV you are laced with crack

15 11 2010

Well, at least dusted that is…

Man, whoever the genius was that invented this tv network is my favorite human. For reals.

Their houses, their accents, the personalities, just addictive.

There is no fucking way I’m going to remember all of these tips and trades when I get my own home someday, perhaps I will need a “move-in-ready” type of space..

I just can’t wait to actually OWN a home. Let’s see, since graduating high school, I’ve lived innnnnnnn five different states and another country. WTF, I need my own place. If I could just get my hands on a duty station that puts me in a location for more than one year. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

I just had ice cream and my belly hurts.

Watch this, sofa king HILARIOUS

“I love lighthouses, if you don’t love lighthouses you fucking suck”




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