Blood Suckaz

11 11 2010


So, is anyone else completely addicted with this vamp stuff that kind of spun up after the whole Twilight/New Moon series? Well, IMHO, it is pretty lame. However, there are exceptions to every opinion.  So let us analyze the below: Exibit A of Twilight: PG, Second pic: PG-13, and Third pic: True Blood Rated ARRRRRRRRR all the way =)

Well, if vamps can’t consume food, then how do they get drunk from liquor?? No thanks. It’s totally not worth running fast to never be able to enjoy food or alcohol..

And they are having sex all the time, so if they can’t get sick does it mean they can’t get STD’s either? It is seriously unclean either way. Ick. But, racy and good to watch I suppose, but a bit distracting considering the health factors. = )

On a completely separate note, Healthy Choice frozen dinner and Smirnoff followed by puppy chow? Hmm counterproductive or yummy? I vote for the latter.

I made puppy chow, or muddy buddies…whichever you call them.. muy delicioso. Mmm. Perhaps I overindulged. My tummy hurts.

I think teens have gone wild on FB, Helooo parents where are you!!?!? Also, Piknic has gone inSANE. All these tweenies. Addicted i tell you.





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