Is it legal to blog at work? What if you’re Harry Potter?

10 11 2010


I guess it’s legal…as long as you don’t tell your employer..

Kind of like, “It’s not cheating as long as you don’t pay for it”…a quote from our former LT. Right. However, I do believe -no matter who’s book you’re going by- when you come home with one of those itchy downstairs gifts it’s considered infidelity. Cat’s outa the bag at that point. Some gifts you just can’t give back …

So apparently the game of Quiddich (my spellcheck wand is at the repair shop) has come full circle and it is officially a sport. No kidding, there’s a wiki entry for it and everything. If it’s on Wiki, it’s legit. Like, LEGIT LEGIT.  Check this shit out: These players aren’t fucking around. Aaaand apparently the golden snitch is an actual player dressed up in gold with wings. They let him out at half time and he runs all over campus, and the seeker has to find him. Wtf. I can’t say I wouldn’t like to see this play out though.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Happy VD to wordpressers. And thank you to everyone for allowing me to serve this country and do what I do. It’s the people back home taking care of things that enable us to be overseas doing the military thing. Yes, I do have to work tomorrow while the rest of the world has off, but I had Mon-Tues off so I can’t really complain. Plus, with the cubes vacant I will be able to concentrate and get some shit done. So, thank you Navy, for not recognizing the day that honors your employees. Nice job.

P.S. Not everyone in the military looks like this. Terribly unfortunate.




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