10 11 2010

So I’m learning how to play the guitar.

I found this website (see Post Title), and it’s amazing. Free, and simple. Just like the title. Plus, the dude on there is sexy, so naturally he can hold my attention for a while. His name is Aaron Gallagher and he’s from NC. He has a real life job, but he does these vids on the side.

I have a Rogue guitar, not sure of the model, but my sister got it for me Christmas of 2007, soooo it’s been sitting in the case for quite some time, I haven’t had the time or patience to start playing, or learning to play that is.

Learning the strumming patterns and picking are just as hard as remember and shifting between chords, not to mention the fingers on my left hand are numb, and have been for about a week. You need to build up a tolerance to the strings I suppose. Keep practicing and it’ll get better so I’m told. It’s strange not having feeling in the pads of your fingers though. You need something like calluses I suppose, like when you get new boots or shoes, you get blisters and eventually build up so you can wear them. But your fingers don’t get nasty bloody blisters that you pop and drain. Ick. You KNOW what I’m talking about.

Anywho, I’m excited to keep practicing, and watching Aaron = ) Call it creepy…but he’s hot WHAT of it! = )

So far I’ve been practicing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, “If I could be like that” by Three Doors Down, “It Happens” by Sugarland, and “Our Song” by Taylor Swift.

I’m waiting on the capo I ordered in the mail, most of the songs need one. That and a tuner. I found one on amazon for $15… I couldn’t find EITHER in Bahrain. Big surprise. But you can find vids on youtube to learn how to tune. I don’t really have an ear for it, but I tuned my guitar as best as I could. However, they do have picks here, for 3x the price they are on amazon, but I figure with shipping and all that and waiting for them to arrive, I’d just get them at the mall.

Did I mention he has an accent? And he’s 6’4″….and that I have an internet crush?

Aaron Gallagher:




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