The Caralibro

9 11 2010

I find that the world of Facebook has taken over my life. Seriously. It’s 1:18 in the AM and here I am refreshing my page to see if anyone I would like to talk at is online, and alas, no, the same six people are on and I don’t want to speak to any of them. Surprise.

I think America has become hopelessly addicted to Facebook, sad to say. What didd we even DO on the internet before Facebook kicked off? I remember when it first started, Myspace was the cool thing to have. And you had to have a college or military address to even join Facebook. Then the terrible happened, and Facebook opened the doors to the masses, and every cool kid shifted their interests form Myspace. Myspace became the trashy place and Facebook the “place for reconnecting with long lost relatives and friends from high school, etc.” That’s bullshit, FB is just as slutty as Myspace. It really is. Hookups can happen on any networking website.

Anywho, I may need to take a break from the F Bizzle for a while. As much as I try to justify with myself that it is for “staying in touch with friends and family”, I mostly use it to stalk people, ahem, I mean to conduct recon. It’s completely legal, I googled it. Plus, there is no way my sister will be on FB at one in the morning, so I can’t reasonably say that I am awaiting her log-in so we can chat.

I donno, maybe I’m just high from those three fruit-roll-ups I just downed. (I feel they have gotten smaller and smaller through the years…or perhaps my hands just keep getting bigger…)

FB, I am officially addicted to your abyss of possibilities. You win.

Even this winner has four new messages.




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